The Butterfly Project Malaysia: A Quickie "Eat Spa Love" Getaway

August 19, 2013

OMG! When I saw the what-they-call-mamasan, Tammy post about the Awesome 2D1N Getaway Review Project end of July, I was like "OMG! I love outdoor activities!" You know what? I'm anti-social for so long. Quite weird for me if meet with other bloggers who are gorgeous and talkative (This is what I imagine always!)? But, I felt like super excited and wanna join this project so much after I know the getaway project! Yes, I'm super fresh in this blogging world, but who cares? I wanna try my best to hold this chance. I so want to leave the city 2 days 1 night to have a trip! GOD BLESS ME.

I have been waiting for so long and last week only they release the details about this project: "Eat Spa Love" Getaway Campaign. As a new-fresh-blogger, I'm lost for a while before I found The Butterfly Project. They design some monthly projects for bloggers that would motivate and encourage them to find their voice , goals and dreams. I can see how  the bloggers get pampered together always with lot of fun. Jealous right? I love the time when girls can eat, play and of course get pamper together. It must be amazing!

Have I tell you guys where the butterflies will go for a trip?

Why I so wanna go there with The Butterfly Project Malaysia?

1. Because it is LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN.

Hmm.. LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN, I hear it from my friends don't know how many times already, feel jealous only when they talk about it and always have a postscript in my heart, "When only my turn to go there?" The GIANT CAT STATUES also waiting for me to have a look for so long? T_T I can't wait to meet you all also.

2. Be more socialise.

Yes, as stated above, I'm anti social for so long. Is it a good time for me to be more socialize like others? I quite easy to feel shy also. Sigh. It's the time for me to challenge myself, cannot escape anymore. ╮(╯_╰)╭ I so wanna hang out with the girls now. May I?

Err.. Please choose me..

3. Public Transpost, ETS gold coach train.

Ermm.. Quite a long time I didn't take public transport to go anywhere already. Actually I never go anywhere by this ETS before, this is my first time to hear about it also, *shy*.

What?! You never take ETS before?!
Yes, never. Go Ipoh by train, 2-hour train ride away from KL Sentral, will sit till backache?
I never experience it before, maybe this time?

4. Five attractive Theme Park and Hot Spring & Spa.

Amusement Park
Water Park
The Lost World Petting Zoo
Tiger Valley
Tin Valley
Lost World Hot Spring & Spa
It's time to get relax and absorb some minerals? =D

5. Lost World Hotel's Exotic Room. 

You know what? The accomodation is very important to us when we travel. If we can't rest well then how we can go for our next destination? =P The room looks like not bad huh, hope to review it as fast as possible.

6. Wonders of Nature.

This is what I looking for! I hope to see this wonderful nature "needle" so much!
Who wanna "exercise" the legs with me? =D

7. It is my Birthday Month. 

I'm a September baby, No! I was a September baby before, I already became a September Adult. So, have a birthday trip also not bad right? *Evil Smile* Travel period is 22nd Sept - 23rd Sept 2013. Just few days after my birthday!

8. Yes! I'm Ready.

Snap photos as many as possible and blog the "Lost World of Tambun Experience Review" out also stand a chance to win a 2D1N Lost World Holiday Package to relieve the journey again! So, why not? Who knows I'm one of the winner after that? Camera? Ready! Outfit? Ready! .... ALL READY! Holiday mode ON!

Sound great right? Are you excited like me too?
So, what are you waiting for?
Time to blog it out!

More info by clicking the links below, :
The Butterfly Project Malaysia FB page :
Lost World of Tambun FB page:

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