Review: Beauty Maker 7th anniversary Limited Edition Set ♥

July 26, 2013

BeautyMaker's 7th Anniversary Limited Edition Set.
I gonna show you all about the review of BeautyMaker's make up products today.
Don't know what is BeautyMaker? You can view my [Unboxing- BeautyMaker] post now.
As I said before, I'm super excited to their 7th anniversary limited edition makeup set because of the theme.
The theme is [pink x kitty ribbon]! Oh, I love PINK! ♥

I have the Limited Classic Set (around RM100) and the Best Seller Beauty Set (around RM33).
For this review, I only put make up on my right face for comparing use.

Best Seller Beauty Set
Limited Classic Set.

Must-Have-Item: Cute Ribbon & Pink ♥
Tranexamic Acid Whitening Foundation SPF50**
The ribbon! So cute! ♥
Press the foundation on your face evenly.
Kindly remind: Please do your make up after your daily skin care routine.
Thoughts after use: Tested. It really won't make your skin dry, hydration level is high. 
The skin won't become oily easily, so it won't make the skin tone darker after whole day activities. 

Hydration level: High
Oil-Control level: High.
Anti-Sweat level: High.
Water-Resistant level: High.

Eight Color Nude MakeUp Eye Shadow 

Basic Drawing Technique of EyeShadow your eyes.
Thoughts after use:
I think that is not much different when comparing to my nude eyes.
(Because it is nude make up eye shadow what. =P)
But, it can cover my super-obvious-veins that always appear on my eyelid. 

Love-Shaped Lipstick.
Water Shine Lip Gloss.
I gonna kiss you tonight. =P
Thoughts after use: Lip Gloss won't oily as other brands and hydrated enough! 

Ribbon Sheer Blush. ♥

See the cutey blush puff? *Happily*

The basic nude make up is done without the eyeliner and mascara.
Picture below is the comparison "Before & After" with and without make up.
Hope you guys enjoy. =)

Before & After
How about this??
Last but not least, Eye & Lip Makeup Remover.
Not that much "things" on my eyes, so I decided to put some mascara and eyeliner before use this remover.
And yes, Let's see how easy to remove the make up on eyes and lips.

After some light mascara & eyeliner.
Have to put on the eyelid about 5 minutes.
Kindly remind: Do shake it well and mix the oil & liquid part together.
Thoughts after use: Gentle form, it won't make skin irritation. 

Nude face after wash the face.
That's all for today review. Good to know about BeautyMaker more.
Must have item: Tranexamic Acid Whitening Foundation SPF50**
Hope you guys enjoy this Taiwan Brand's Review.

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